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HK Models Avro Lancaster Mk.I WIP: Canopy 2/17/2021

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4 hours ago, Joe of Blighty said:

Can you explain in a little more detail, the faux-pa that HK did with the landing lights?




Here's what the landing lights look like in the kit:




Just two scribed circles on the bottom of the wing. To boot, they put them on both sides! In reality, they were only on the port (pilot) side of the aircraft, and they folded out of the wing when the landing gear were extended/retracted. It's tricky because the wing is molded as one piece, so it's not as simple as drilling them out and attaching something from the other side. The logic is it's that easy, but working in such a tight space makes it very tricky. It's easier if you don't install the plastic riser into the outermost engine nacelle, but alas, I had already installed mine when I learned of the error. So, I'm looking for another way to solve it!


- Dennis S.

   Thornton, CO USA

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3 hours ago, Thomas Lund said:

Ohhh how nice


I have the kit in my stash, but every time I open the box I get performance anxeity... :D


The BBMF Lancaster visited our local airfield back in 2011 and I went to see it with my dad. It was painted as Phantom of the Ruhr, although it had less mission markings than your picture. The funny bit to me was that I asked the crew about the different mission markings - yellow, red and Ice cones... the answer was that the yellow was over occupied country, red over germany and Ice Cones... was Italy :D







I have a few detail pictures - as far as I was allowed to poke my head inside and a little of the bomb bay - let me know if you need it


I think any reference photos are a huge help to anyone tackling one of these kits! Feel free to post them here in my build thread. I know of at least one other person currently building a Lancaster that is following this thread, so I'm sure they would be of help to at least one other person!


Sadly, I have never heard a Merlin outside of a P-51, let alone four of them! I bet it did sound glorious :-)


- Dennis S.

   Thornton, CO USA

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3 hours ago, MARU5137 said:

I cannot wait to see the end result. it will be spectacular to see it.


and your work building  many models for the  upcoming new Museum just shows  how extraordinary  modeller you must be , for  them to have  ask you(and your brother) to make museum pieces.


Thanks Maru! This has been a fun build so far, and I'm looking forward to continuing on it. Hoping the new year brings more bench time, especially once the deck is done!


And thanks! It was a very humbling honor to be approached by the curator of the museum to build for them. It all started with a display we build and brought to a local IPMS show, and the photos made the rounds online. The curator saw it, and contacted us. Sometimes, your work gets noticed by the right people! Two years later, and we've been contracted to build close to 30 models, and they will start going on display next year. I better get to building!


- Dennis S.

   Thornton, CO USA

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1 hour ago, Dennis7423 said:

Can you explain in a little more detail, the faux-pa that HK did with the landing lights?


1 hour ago, Dennis7423 said:

So, I'm looking for another way to solve it!


Thanks Dennis


So, ideally we would need to make plug in light units that just required a drilled hole to fit, maybe there’s a photo-etch out there that could be used in such a manner.



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  • 2 weeks later...

I love it when the aircraft gets viewed, cameras galore come out  . . .

I did exactly the same when' Vera' was based at Kirmington (Humberside International) in 2014.

A group of us went to the airfield for a talk given by a chap and after the talk we were invited to go over to the Lancaster.

Probably about 35 people had the aircraft to ourselves  . . . . My lucky day 



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  • Dennis7423 changed the title to HK Models Avro Lancaster Mk.I WIP: Wings and Things 1/29/2021



When I left you last, I had sealed the fuselage, and begun the process of working on seams and preparing the wings. This is where the fuselage sits currenty:




So cozy in the box! I'm actually quite grateful that it fits in there. Will make storing it once completed (before it travels to the museum for display) and transporting it that much easier. With the fuselage in a good state of letting it rest, I began my focus on the wings.


I spent quite a bit of time trying to sort out how I was going to do several things with the wings, which is why the Lancaster sat for so long. I'm not one to rush something for the sake of getting it done. I'd rather let it sit, sort things out, and then proceed once I feel confident and competent enough to make it all happen. I finally sorted out how I was going to tackle the landing lights, and also how I was going to tackle the radiator outlets on the cowlings. Here's how they come in the kit:




Now, I'm not a rocket scientist by any means, but the whole purpose of a radiator is to allow air to travel completely through is, thus "radiating" the heat away from the engine proper. With the way the kit is molded, the air can get into the radiator, but the rear of the cowlings are completely filled in. So, out came the drill, grinder, and needle files, to get to here:




Much better. Where's the fourth one you ask? Well, it was installed on the plane, that's where! Once I had this sorted out, it was a simple task of building up a decent amount of the engine that would be seen through the opening (and to support the radiator and exhaust stubs), and then build the cowling around it:











The fit was pretty darn good, aside from a small gap at the top which will be super easy to reconcile:





And how do the radiators look from the rear now?











Hey, you can see a radiator in there now! All it'll need is some thinning of the dump door, and we're good to go. Now that I have one sorted out, I can move onto the other four. Which also means tackling the landing gear bays, and Eduard's lovely photo-etch sets:





We're well on our way now folks! Stay tuned for the next update, which will hopefully be sooner rather than later!


- Dennis S.

   Thornton, CO USA

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  • Dennis7423 changed the title to HK Models Avro Lancaster Mk.I WIP: More Wings and Things 2/2/2021



Small update today. Things are starting to come together! I was able to get one of the landing gear bays painted and installed to check for fit and finish. I'm quite pleased!






The Eduard set is subtle, but nice. I enjoy the addition of the pieces in there.


Once the second nacelle was completed, I could add the engine and the cowlings. One wing is basically done now:




I finished the outer nacelle on the other wing this morning. That leaves just one more to complete. I couldn't help but throw the wings onto the fuselage to admire the sheer size of this thing:




And here she is next to my other current project, the B-24J, to get an idea of size:




That's all for today! I am with Tom (Uncarina)... I'm really feeling the mojo right now! I'll admit, Tom's build feels like "friendly competition" at this point, and his updates and progress are making me want to keep plugging on mine. Maybe we'll both finish around the same time! Or... maybe I will beat him! I'm coming for you Tom...


- Dennis S.

   Thornton, CO USA

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Dennis, it’s all good! If we can give each other momentum, so much the better. I will be competing against myself however! That aside, I’m really enjoying seeing your progress and that comparison pic with your B-24.


Cheers,  Tom

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  • Dennis7423 changed the title to HK Models Avro Lancaster Mk.I WIP: Canopy 2/17/2021

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