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AliExpress ordering?

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Thanks a bunch, fellas, I appreciate the input. They have a computer component that I really want for the "transplant" of my old HP guts into a new case.

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Hello Kevin,

I usually do not post in this forum.  I have follow all the build posting here for many many years. 

Your inquiry here is one I have a lot of experience with.  I have deal with AliExpress for a long long time.  Here are some rules I go by for not getting burn.  Quite similar to dealing with any online vendor. E-Bay, Amazon, . . . .   

1)  I NEVER place an order with any of their vendors that don't have a rating of at least 98% or higher.

2)  The vendor has to have some history.  Has to be with AliExpress for over 4-5 years and over 1000 minimum transactions.  

3)  Always look for other vendors that might carry the same item under a different description.  AliExpress's vendors have some of the very creative ways of listing the same item. 

4)  when come to shipping, you have a choice.  Always click and view your choices.  I as a rule always pick ePacket (sometimes free shipping, other times I have to pay shipping).  ePacket is the best, in my experience, because it will reference a USPS tracking number once it is log into USPS system.  You can track your package.  ePacket shipping time is 2-3 weeks, from anywhere in China to West coast USA, the fastest compared with others.  If ePacket is not an option,  pick one that have a tracking number where you can track your order.  If not ePacket, some orders can take up to 60 + days to arrive,  just be aware.

5) if unfortunately you get burn, AliExpress's customer services is very good.  I have gotten a full refund on 2 orders I received with issues.  It is handle via online chat.

6)  the packaging.  The way the vendor package the item for shipping is hit and miss, from my experiences.  Some pack very good.  Others just put the item in a cheap plastic shipping bag with no packing material.   

Be ware, some vendors may list them located in some city in China, but in fact they are in some other South East Asian Country.  One time the listing said Shanghai, China.  The item arrived with a Vietnam address.  Nothing wrong with the item. 

That said,  take your time and do your homework.  The cheapest price might is not always the best. 

Items I have ordered from AliExpress vendors,  modeling tools (replacement blades, piers, fine tip tweezers, ......), model kits (Trumpeter, Hobby Boss,  Meng, . . .  all 1/32 or 1/35 scale),  balsa wood,  copper foil sheets, wires for modeling DIY,  stationary items (Pilot extra fine tip gel refills,  correction white tapes,  various rulers,  pens and mechanical pencils),  . . . .  just to name a few.  

Items I avoid are electronic components (there are too many cheap and fakes out there), flash lights and LED bulbs (the brightness lumens number are always way lower than advertise and 50% of the time fakes, waste of $$$).

Lastly,  have to remember, ordering online from China always carry some degree of risk.  More so than when you order from E-Bay, Amazon, . . . 

Hope this is helpful to you.





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