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Loving this — a great-looking jet — and a must-have if it's good.


Fearing it may be vapourware just like the Tan Model Su-33, but like the Sea Flanker I'm getting the Su-57 in every available double-digit scale so will wait if necessary. 

If you want a stocking filler teaser, have a look at the Zvezda 1/72 Razor. There's also a brace of 1/48 kits coming out next year, to help practice doing the camouflage patterns (what I call the jagged shard, pixellated and flowing schemes). 


Thanks for the heads-up on this







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36 minutes ago, Alain Gadbois said:

I saw this on the new kit list on Cybermodeler. It's from a company called Gavno Modeli. Never of this manufacturer before but the release date is January 2020 so work must be well advanced.

Does anyone know anything about this kit and the company?

It's a cool aircraft for sure!




Yep! Already on it............




The Google translate name appears to mean $*#T Models.  :lol:

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they have no website either and I cant find anything about them .

for a large potentially important and as yet unrepresented  mark, I would have though a company would have released a teaser or two or trying to hype its release, I am going to pretty much ignore this as I would suggest its vapourware at this stage with no news...


a company that had invested enough money to create a tool of an aircraft as large as an SU57 would want it being seen and raising interest

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