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1/32 Buccaneer anyone?

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3 hours ago, Scotsman said:

I've seen a LOt of pics of FOD guard equipped bucs , and its an interesting option , one I might consider , given the right incentive!


As for cutting the intakes,.. EEKS.. that's a LOT more ambitions than I would be , seriously there's no way I'm teven thinking about that , 


Exhausts , yup another area that needs addressing , plastic tube and and some drill bits and perhaps, but the thought of adding the EGT Thermocouples into the exhaust is worrying me , heckl even the new 1/72 Airfix Buc has them!




Normally, the engine front part should simply be inserted in the intake but Alan said that there is probably too much depth and something should be inserted behind the resin part. However who knows the actual intake depth?


With regard to the exhaust, the opened cylinder should go far further and consequently this asks for drilling some centimeters before considering detailing the area. This will not be easy and explains my FODs choice that will also bring some nice red colored details. 

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23 hours ago, thierry laurent said:


Normally, the engine front part should simply be inserted in the intake but Alan said that there is probably too much depth and something should be inserted behind the resin part. However who knows the actual intake depth?


 I posted this before on the other Buccaneer thread but it's worth showing again for those who may have missed it.




The intake duct, short as it may be, is more complex than previous models in smaller, simpler scales have led us to believe.

Furthermore there is a scalloped trough intruding into the fuselage side to accommodate the fan's diameter. The fan face itself seems to be positioned a few inches forward of the first panel line on the spine aft of the rear cockpit wall. The brownish filth ingrained in the white interior paintwork is also noteworthy.


Now of course it can all be intake blanked off or otherwise ignored and few will be the wiser. But as it's the only big Bucc I'm likely to ever build, I'd like to make the effort to include as many of its known features as possible, and a representative intake with a busy fan/stator face for once not buried deep within the fuselage is for me one of those and just as important as that thick stainless steel intake lip.. But that's just me.

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Indeed, the intake funnel is somewhat going behind the rear cockpit bulkhead. I thought about various ways to reproduce that but have yet to find one that will not ask for weeks of work while producing half-a-ton of resin dust! Accordingly, I will finally use FODs even if I would prefer visible intakes as well. Good luck for your detailed intake project. 

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Cheers Thierry. At this stage I'm thinking a short vac-formed sleeve, circular to match the fan diameter at the rear and sized to fit the intake mouth at the front.

Just waiting for some dimensions on the Spey at the moment, with a guesstimated depth.

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Interesting option ,  Chek ,  I'm not sure if I can manage the Vac forming bit , BUT 10 thou Plasticard, and a jar of boiling water from the Kettle might be just as effective 

Man this model is forcing me to re-discover  many skills than I haven't used in years 


PS Update added to WIP



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  • 2 weeks later...

Morning people , and especially my fellow Sky Pirates, After a couple of nights in the trenches some comments might be in order , first Pylons


The re-tooled master is getting close to being cast , just working out the engraving etc, BUT I had a bit of a crisis yesterday  as regards the size of them. In  common with a couple of outhers I'm planning to add Flightpath Sea Eagles to my Buc, so I bought a pair from the big H this week


I'd built them before when I built a GR-1B tornado , and knew all about them , but when I put the Launch rail together and compared it to my Pylon - Yikes , the rail is about 4-5 mm longer - cue  an evening of panic


comparing my pylon to the Scaled un Huntley plan , it looked fine, and as all you Pirates know the Eagle launch rail is the same length as the pylon, So where had I gone wrong?


Well as it turns out I hadn't  ,


When compared the  Buc wing , it became obvious to me at least that the launch rail is too long , by said 4-5mm - now I can't absolutely guarantee that is the case but reference of the well know pics of the 208 Sq Bucs toting 4 eagles its obvious to me that the rails do not extend the full cord of the wing, neither to the pylons, so crisis  over ,I hope


Casting this weekend , hopefully


Chaff Flare buckets -  Scratch building the flare/Chaff dispensers that go under the airbrake , yikes, a LOT more complex than it appears to be , you RN builders count yourself lucky!


Air Brakes  - and in particular the re-enforcing panels - 




I found this pic Here - is this typical of the mods applied to the later RAF Bucs,  it looks more like armour plating! , I know the mod was applied as part of th1508 program, but this looks like overkill! , still might be fun to add, and I'd better stock up on Archer Rivets!


So its one with the building - which me luck 




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Unfortunately all of us building late RAF birds will need to do the same airbrake modification. I agree this looks more like armoring a T-34 tank turret in a Siberian factory than just adding some reinforcements to a plane! Regarding the pylons, I' currently refining the shape of a first one as well as the adaptor. I based my work on the TM view as well as the partly incorrect plans in the late Aeroguide. To me, the adaptor is the same length than the pylon bottom. 



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