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Best material for antennae: EZ Line or Uschi?

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thanks Ron

yes that's Uschi's own site


i have watched that video a few times now and every time I see I remember why I sold all my WNW kits

anyone who says rigging is 'not that bad' etc once you get in to it needs to watch that :ninja:


he doesn't actually say whether it's round or square in profile, but I will order some and give it a shot I think (as antenna for a Spitfire, NOT rigging for a WNW!! :lol:)





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36 minutes ago, Fenous said:

Uschi Is flat in profile, more visible with thickness rising, even more when you paint it with grey or metal color.



Yes, just like EZ Line, only IMHO a bit more consistent in profile than EZ Line as the thickness grows.    I like the Uschi stuff very much, but if I need to color the thread, I almost invariably choose white EZ Line, then use some of the "fabric dye pens" you can buy on line for dying clothes, as the EZ Line takes wonderfully to dye, and you dont end up with any heavy or globed on looking paint.  

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