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8 hours ago, Out2gtcha said:

Oh yes, that will be a standout!  Well done


I sure do hope so.  The part I'm most sweating on is the canopy.  It has parts to add inside, as well as more framing to paint inside.  The worst bit is that with Paul Fisher out of business at the moment, my chances of getting another canopy if I stuff it up are just about zero.  So I have lots of bits crossed, at the moment :lol:





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After the final coat of gloss varnish was applied, I waited three days before removing the masking.  I also removed the canopy masking.  Like the cover over the cockpit, this was made with Tamiya masking tape and the results are mostly a success.  A little scraping was needed, which I did with a small putty spatula as it is curved and has no sharp edges.




Next, I added the central cross brace and rear cockpit headrest.  The centre brace required a little adjustment to fit, but you have to be careful here or it will sit too high in the canopy, meaning you'll probably have to fabricate another.  The canopy is clear resin, BTW.




I had previously made up the undercarriage legs using the kit wheels and brass legs.  Putting the two together made me a little nervous as the legs had to be pried apart then closed back up, and since brass is a brittle metal, I wasn't sure this would work OK, but it came out well.  No further embellishment was done to the wheel wells, which were painted after the final coat of varnish.  More masking, always my favourite task...  :BANGHEAD2:  I also added the two retractable steps into the nose, after painting those wells too.






Next up I added the canopy opening mechanism was wiggled into place between the two cockpits.  This was painted in cockpit black with a natural metal spring, which then had a black wash painted on to bring out the spring coils.  This was touched up where paint had been scrapped away, then the canopy was added after adding the two handles to that part, as well as the exterior opening latch.  Alas, that part is hard to see as it's gloss black on gloss black.




You may notice some extra canopy bracing has been painted on, if you compare the shots above an below with my earlier picture of the canopy.  Meteor T7's had two internal braces under the top glazings, so I once again masked the canopy, this time inside, and painted those two braces using my cockpit black.  These become more apparent in the shots I'll post in mt RFI article.




And it's done.  :D
















I decided not to do any weathering as none of the pictures I've found of this plane indicate any.  This was a peace time plane, so during most of it's service life, it would have been kept up to a high standard, as their Lordships of the Admiralty required and commanded.


The model has been a fun build.  Most of my time has been spent on the resin cockpit and engines, as the HKM kit is simplicity itself.  The standard kit is a very easy build, and makes an impressive model.    Adding the resin kits makes it something else again.  This Fisher cockpit conversion goes together well, but chopping the nose off a model then adding a replacement section else is not something I've ever done before, in part because I've never found a conversion kit that I was so interested in, but I was also a little doubtful of my own abilities to do it.  However, the inspiration I get from seeing other people's builds on this W I P forum has really caused me to lift my game, and I'm well pleased with the result.


I have some more pictures of the finished model which I will post in the R F I forums probably tomorrow, together with a little history of this plane. 





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Thank you all very much for your kind words.  Your support is very much appreciated, as is the number of views this build has had.  I love the LSP forum and you guys have provided me with much knowledge and inspiration.  Which usually leads to perspiration :lol:.  The kit was a pleasure to build and I'm very pleased with how it's turned out.  Four colour options were provided in the conversion set, but disappointingly, all the airframe stencilling provided on the decal sheet was in black, so not usable in the colour option I chose.  I tried to find some more suitable stencils but had nothing in my spares collection, nor could I find anything while trolling the interwebs.  Oh well...  I originally wanted to build the Meteor T7 as part of the Multi Engine group build, but family issues as mentioned at the start of this build delayed that.  As it turns out, I should have started this in that group build forum, but I didn't think I could finish it in time.  Another "oh well..." :D


As promised, I've posted some more pics and a short history of the T7 in the R F I forum.  Here's the link:




It's pleasing to also find out that this plane still exists and is presently being restored in the UK by the Royal Navy at Cobham Hall. 






PS.  Not sure yet what's next, but I may have a crack at something for the Russian group build.

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