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Bf 109E-4 Hauptmann Helmut Wick

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this should be good


first question is about the kit / fit: how was the fitting of the cowling?

did you have to chop any parts off to make things fit?

did you follow the instruction steps or do things in a different order?


secondly, I will be very interested to see your attempt at Wick's camouflage pattern, especially with MRP

I think I have only ever seen one finished kit which really seemed to nail the fuselage finish - I think the modeller used a sponge maybe 


the last of the three pics shows the effect which I think is the hardest to replicate

can you tell us how you plan to do it?








all pictures taken from https://www.asisbiz.com/il2/Bf-109E/JG2-Stab.html

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The model is at a high level, everything fits as it should. Very fine details.. The cockpit is complemented only by HGW belts and Yahu dashboard.
  It is always better to try dry without gluing. It will make work easier.
Camouflage will be done with a sponge, as in old times on a 1/72 scale.

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