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Brett M

Recently Completed Non Aircraft.....and introduction?

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Hi everyone


I figured I could share some of my more recent builds (last year or two) as an "introduction" to myself. I just recently joined after lurking for a few years, having never built anything outside of 1/48th or larger aircraft wise (wife started/I finished a 1/35 MH-60G, but I don't count it. Her intro to modeling that didn't work!). 


It's been a few years of non aircraft modeling, but I have a Tamiya birdcage Corsair on the way and I've been hunting down aftermarket parts, so a build for that will be along shortly. 


Anyway, onto what I've created "lately"! ha!

























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IMG tags.....hmmm

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1 minute ago, Lothar said:

Wow, what an introduction - all very impressive builds, congratulation!!




Thanks! Dunno what was up with the IMG tags, but looks like everything is an image now instead of a link. 

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Bummer! Im at work and they have flickr blocked.  :( Im sure Im missing some impressive models............Ill have to check them out when I get home!  If you havnt remedied the IMG tag things by later Brett, Ill be happy to take a look and see if we can get them showing. One of the other mods may be along and can assist as well.



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7 hours ago, D.B. Andrus said:

Nice builds & welcome aboard!






7 hours ago, Jennings Heilig said:

Great looking stuff Brett!  Welcome to LSP.


6 hours ago, Gazzas said:


    Welcome to the forums!  Love your builds!  Especially fond of the Klingon Cruiser.




6 hours ago, LSP_Kevin said:

Superb builds all!




5 hours ago, Out2gtcha said:

Wow, just got a chance to check the builds out, and wow! That king kitty is amazing looking (as they all are!)


3 hours ago, Kagemusha said:

Very impressive array. Looking forward to the Corsair. 


3 hours ago, Lee in Texas said:

Love that King Tiger! Is it the Takom kit with that tank on the box? Great box art for that one. 


Thanks everyone, it's appreciated. 


Lee, it is one of the Takom boxing's with a full interior. This was the box for it. 



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8 hours ago, The Madhatter said:

Great to see you here Brett! I do enjoy your work - it's always been very eye catchng


Ha, so we meet again! Figured with all the Corsair builds here, I should join and learn from the masters! And, thanks, the comment is appreciated.

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