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1/32 Eduard 1/32 F4U fabric seatbelts

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I personally can't stand those things and don't think the detail they provide is worth the time/annoyance of making them.  


I think most folks here would disagree with me however.


One tip is to keep the buckles, etc., on the photo etch sprue while you are threading the seatbelts through them, then cut them off the sprue later.



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They do look kind of super fiddly. But keeping the pe on the fret does seem sensical. Just wondering why they want one to apply the belts first, then a gloss varnish, then a wash afterwards. I was thinking of assembling them, adding a wash then applying them to the seat. Or is that just wrong?

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I haven't used the Eduard ones yet, but have used the basically identical HGW fabric belts numerous times.  I think Eduard makes the PE for HGW.  The tip to thread the belts with the PE still attached to its fret is the key to assembling them without pulling your hair out.  With the HGW belts, I have found that you should check the length of the harness sections as you are assembling them.  Otherwise, the finished belts often look much too long.

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