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1/32 HS Buccaneer


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Thanks a lot, folks! I think I'll ignore the Buccaneer =ugly comment!

These parts are taking a while to make, as I don't do 3D printing. It's all done by hand.

Been working on the fuselage and engine nacelle sections. Pics to follow.....

I have to also work out how to vacc form the large parts. The rolling is slightly smaller to allow for the plastic thickness. 

As I go, you will see how I progress.

Thanks for all the kind words!!

You guys are fantastic modellers!

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With apologies, I also use layered laser cut mdf in the creation of compound curves and profiles especially for for model railway vehicles- it is akin to contour mapping or a rather thick later 3d printing. A big plus is that properly sealed it is dimensionally very stable with a shell thickness of between 2 and 3mm. The trick is in the jigging.

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MDF is what I always use, where possible. With a craft knife, it's akin to carving a hard potato. Ha ha!! I usually work out how the mold is going to be split, then go to the offcuts bin and select the required thicknesses. Most times I laminate a couple of 16mm thick pieces, let them dry, then go at it with various shaping tools, according to the templates. Thanks for the interest and the nice comments on this project! , its keeping me going. A Buccaneer fuselage isn't the easiest shape to make. More pics soon.

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Thanks guys! That metal buccaneer was a sister model for Mike Beachyhead of Thunder City. I made a few models for him out of printers lithoplate. There were two lightnings, a few Hunters and two Buccaneers. It was a while back, and looking back on that model, and the fact that I have a real Bucc to work from, it is hopelessly inaccurate! This current buccaneer model is going to be super accurate - as far as I can copy it! I really thought that I could have used the Aerodynamix kit, but there are so many issues with it, that I decided to just start from scratch. It's actually easier to make from scratch than to repair an existing part. For instance, the airbrakes are NOT round in cross section all the way to the tip but starts off round and gradually tapers to a flat oval. Call me crazy, but if one is going to do something mad, then do it correctly!! I have also built two all metal Lockheed Lodestars in 32 scale. All polished natural aluminium. Those were fun to do.

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