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Miles M.14 Magister 1/32

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Nice! Can be converted into a Miles Hawk Major without much trouble I guess..

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Another positive vote for MikroMir: Their Provost kit had an issue with the canopy in which the profile of the windscreen didnt match the rear part of the canopy where they're supposed to glue together. Have a search for it and you'll see what I mean.

Anyway, MikroMir acknowledged the issue, retooled the canopy and offered free replacements for anyone who'd bought the kit with the original canopy (apparently later issues of the kit were packaged with the new style canopy).

I messaged them on facebook a few weeks ago about obtaining a replacement canopy for my kit, and they responded straight away saying they'd get one in the mail.

Fast forward to now, my build is at the point of being ready to attach the canopy and out of the blue i got a message from MikroMir asking If the canopy had arrived. I told then it hadn't, and they said they'd send another one.


I post this to highlight this pretty fantastic customer service, following up and actively looking after their customers. 


They'll have absolutely zero trouble parting me from my money in the future :clap2:



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