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1/48 Revell P-61 (with a twist)

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I started this project to take a break from the Airfix Hellcat...which project I started to take a break from the ATR project...and being a bit off my rocker decided I could build it as something a bit different in the sense that if nothing is tried (ventured) nothing is gained. To that end I decided I'd try putting turbo prop engines and STOL wing tips (as well as anything else I could think of along the way) If finished, I plan (hope for) putting it in SEA COIN camouflage of some kind, or 2 tone grays.

Some pics

PS- Obviously not an historically correct model aircraft.








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Thanks for looking in on me and the encouraging comments!

Moving along with the build, both Garrett (Honywell) TPE-331's "Dog Whistles" have been glued on and faired in. I managed to sort out the seams on the fuselage and fit wing fences...but lost my 1/48 Huey Hog rocket launchers I had planned to mount under the wing. I may have to go with a clean wing or find something else to stick under them (not an easy job as almost everything in my stash is 1/32)

A few pictures of where the model sits right now




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Thanks for the positive comments! I do appreciate the encouragement!!

Good eye Gaz, when I stuck the antenna on I was (still am) working with the formula that the turret would be forward fixed for ground attack or, have a small port/ starboard movement with no real ability to elevate (ground attack straight ahead kind of thing) 

I do like building off the menu all right!

I primed the model, fixed the issues I found, and then shot the light gray bottom color....most of it.

I still want to paint the clear tail cone dark gray (so it's not clear) then the top color camouflage perhaps






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