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Does gun cover and cowling need corrected on Hase Fw 190D-9

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I was looking for this topic, good that warbird (the creator) remind us.

In my opinion this topic should be linked to "www.largescaleplanes.com/articles" under "tweak list: AFTER-MARKET Dora cowling fix".

I remember there was also a work around using the HAS cowling. Who know the link for that Dora build?

For me it's useless to buy after market products and you still have to fix them.

As we know QB does not care and EP did a rework on the  3& 5-piece cowling but I forgot the result/fitting for version 2.0 (EP improved cowling & 3-p EPimproved cowling), I have from EP version 1.0 and not willing to invest again money to by AM cowling.

Warbird, if you have HD propellers and a part is missing pls write to Henri, he takes his product were serious and will send you the missing part ASAP.

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11 hours ago, oyoy5 said:

And if so should I go eagle parts or the newer quickboost cowlings.  Thank you


It really depends how good your eye is.

Plenty of great looking Dora’s have been built OOB.

I have a few EE correction sets and a im pretty ambivalent these days.

Jerry Crandall’s review who owns EE doesnt even mention issues with the prop or upper cowl etc.

So take that how you like.

Subtle differences yes if you have a good eye it might be worth it.

Personally id hit google and do my own comparison there are plenty with and without corrections.


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13 hours ago, K5IKL said:

To avoid this  :BANGHEAD2:  build it OOB and be happy.  :lol:

I was thinking the same thing.

If you have to ask this question and don't know the answer yourself, I would say the gun cover and cowling are perfectly acceptable.



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