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Hi Guys,


Some work on the 1/32 KettenKrad for the Mistel diorama. I think the Zoukei-Mura kit is really very good.


MMP Grey primer first.


49372275561_9f10f2a5ef_c.jpgUntitled by Bruce Crosby, on Flickr


Followed by MMP German Late Dark Yellow and brushed details.


49372511087_a71fdb2f42_c.jpgUntitled by Bruce Crosby, on Flickr


Fitting the hull sides.


49371853428_599d472c74_c.jpgUntitled by Bruce Crosby, on Flickr


Painting the track and wheel assemblies.  Lots of touch up to do on the wheel rims and tyres.  The track pads need to be painted with a rubber colour and the track teeth and drive rollers on the sprocket wheels need some bare metal.


49371854983_beaf5236a1_c.jpgUntitled by Bruce Crosby, on Flickr


And where we are right now.  Hopefully one of these little vehicles will enhance the scene, God knows it needs all the help it can get!


49372308196_41450213c3_c.jpgUntitled by Bruce Crosby, on Flickr




Bruce Crosby

Edited by Bruce_Crosby
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