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What will be Airfix's next 1:24?

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1 hour ago, Jennings Heilig said:

Koolhoven Fk-58, for sure.  


you're not far away from...........i wish.........oh well, anyhow, not withstandiing the fact that, ..........Koolhoven ???? .....who was he??? .....JUST KIDDING.!!!!

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Agreed it is a bit too early to be speculating on Airfix's next 1/24 aircraft, but also agreed on your choice of the Beaufighter.  This is a plane that is sorely neglected by the large scale manufacturers.


That said, they have tended towards less common types with the Typhoon and Hellcat not covered so well by other manufacturers, so perhaps they will continue that trend with the next release to give themselves a chance at commercial success.  So think of lesser known types but not obscure planes.  That list could include P-40, P-39, long nose FW-190, Griffon Spitfires, Wellington, Macchi, or one of the Russian fighters.  They could also do an up to date early Spitfire or Messerschmitt 109 as those 2 are crying out for new renditions.


It's quite a list, and I'm betting that just such a list is already doing the rounds in the Airfix office.





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More than likely a P-51D, F4U-1D or Spitfire XIV because thats what sells. We can all wish for what we want but Airfix has the final word and I doubt a Beaufighter or P-38 is on their list right now. But you never know we did just get a Tamiya 1/48 P-38 so who knows.


How well did the Mossie sell ? I know over here I've seen one built at a show since it came out and I can still go into a hobby shop and find the 1/32 Tamiya Mossie here.  We probably have a better chance of Revell bumping up thier 1/48 kit which wouldn't be bad.



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Personally I’d be happy for them to go back to their old tool Spitfires, Hurricane,109/190, Mustang and Stuka and give them a thorough modernising to the standards of their new 1/24 stuff. I have the Hellcat in the stash and after years of it lurking in the stash I’m currently working on the bubbletop Typhoon. Though having to scrape mould lines off each and every part is tiresome is still a nice kit thus far. Though competition for the Hurricane and Stuka exists from Trumpeter in 1/24, more so for the Hurricane as the Trumpeter kits are actually quite nice. Trumpeter also have all the Stuka series covered.  It if the errors from their 1/32 versions carried over to 1/24 which they likely did as they are probably just upscaled retools then there’s room for Airfix there. 

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Me-262 - they'e done the  other big 3 German  types.. ..The Beaufighter is a nice thought , but I'm not sure there's the groundswell of intrest in the type outside the UK ,  the Blenhim might be an possibility as it ties in with the BoB  , ( 80th annivsery next year)  as for twin engined US types, the smallest would be the A-20, not a huge draw there , P-47 , been done , P-51B/C possible , P-38 , Hmm .. not impossible .. bit but that hasn't stopped Airfix  and the mossie


So how about a Zero , again there are 1/24th Zeros out there , but one done to the standards of the Hellcat would be very welcome 


But I'll stick with the 262 as an opton..





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