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My first B-17 Flying Fortress 'Live' experience.

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OK, so I guess many of you, especially from the States, already have had this 'experience'.

But being a bit sidelined here in Scandinavia, getting a close encounter with a real living 4 engine bomber, is a rare treat.

On friday, B-17G 'Sally B' flew in from Duxford to be part of this years Danish Airshow and of course I had to come and meet 'her'.

Please bear with me, I just had to share this truly awesome experience!




Engine startup, wow what a sound!














Nice atmosphere: A group of reenactors with Jeep's in front  of 'Sally B'.




Fun fact: The preservation society keeping 'Sally B' in the air is headed by danish woman named 'Elly'- Ellinor Sallingboe, wife of late

aviator Ted White. In 1979 Elly Sallingboe and Ted White formed B-17 Preservation to operate and raise funds to keep the last re-

maining B-17 in the UK flying as the USAAF WW II Memorial Flight. 




My favorite 'girls' - Miss Pick Up & Sally B








'Sally B rolling in from a very nice late evening airshow.


Sally B


Cheers: Kent





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Great experience, wasn’t it?  Now go find Fifi and stand about 75 ft. away when she cranks up!   You just cannot explain to anyone the awesomeness of being around those big radials on start up. 

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My wish for a next 'Live' event would be to get to see an all metal B-17.

Don't know why, an all metal aircraft  just appeals to me in another way,.

I would love to see either 'Sentimental Journey' or 'Yankee Lady'.


Do you have any favorites?


Cheers: Kent

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