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KittyHawk just announced a 1/32 Fw190 A-8

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I have to say that, due to :

1/ The reviews given on Kitty Hawk's previous releases ... and ...

2/ What is already on the market and who has released them ... and ...

3/ What is STILL in the pipeline to be released by others

I don't hold much hope of success ...


Still ... I've been proven wrong before ...

Rog :)

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The Kitty Hawk FW 190 was originally announced about a year ago but has resurfaced because of a set of profiles etc.


Doubtless it'll do well in China, as intended, but in Europe is undercut by Revell and likely to be outclassed by Z-M.  Hopefully, it'll inject money into KH so they can give us the Streak and Flash sooner and the Jaguar at least sometime.



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