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French Navy Seafire XV

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Hi all,

Here my last built, a French Navy Seafire XV.

I used Revell Spitfire MkIX and AA resin conversion.

It's not an easy built but it's the only way to have a Seafire XV. I used Barracuda cockpit, seat and acces door : wonderful resin!!!

I used Tamyia and Gunze for Sky and Gunze and M Paint for extra dark sea grey. Marking are painted (tanks Maketar:bow:) except for anchors which came from old decals.

I hope you will like it!





















See you soon for a new built!

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Thank you all.

Fanews : the resin doesn't need a lot of cleaning, it's pretty good.

Fitting the cowling is not really difficult but you need to adjust it to the Revell fuselage. The under nose piece is a little to small, so I cut it in 2 and enlarge it with plasticard.









Fitting the propeller blade to the spinner need dry and fitting. I didn't use the rudder (which is exactly the same as the revell one) but you need to enlarge the tab. The exhaust are very good. For the under wing cooler, I used revell ones and not the AA ones which need lot of surgery.

For me it's a good conversion which need some work but the results is great.

I think I'll try the Mk XIV conversion.......one day.

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Nice one, the Seafire looks great in French markings, I think the dog should be a bit moer excited and barking with the snake so close, our local dog used to bark to warn us when snakes were about when we lived in Thailand. The figures really bring it to life.





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