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Anthony in NZ

Tamiya 1/48 Mosquito fund raiser

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Hi team,


I am not a 1/48 guy at all but I am building this kit to help raise funds for the restoration of Mosquito HR339 to static condition.


I have been doing a build log on a NZ Aviation forum as I am going to put it up for auction on our local (NZ) site called Trade Me when it is finished.  Here is a bit more info with more photos etc if there is any interest.



Anyway here is where I am at








Cheers Anthony

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Excuse the blown out colours here, I had a bretty bright lamp on.  I have pretty much finished all the sub assemblies.  Undercarriage is finished, all doors are done and ready for fitment and prop is nearly finished.

I am just about to go around and tidy up some paint etc, then its glosscoat time.

I tried to restrain myself with the weathering on the ultracast resin shrouds (still took me the whole day before I was happy with them) as I want to show her not too worn out. I will add some pastels or something to do the exhaust stains, quite honestly that worries me the most as my airbrushed practices didn't impress me much.  I think I can do better with pastels and washes etc.



Eagle eyed viewers will notice the trailing aerial mast fitted.  HR339, never had this radio fit.  But a unique facet in Mosquito production was that Standard Motors continued on fitting these throughout production.

Decals soon....

Probably wont be too many updates until I finish her


Thanks for checking in

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Well I was feeling really pleased with how the weathering was starting to come up and the start of the stencils.  Must remind myself....less is more, less is more! Still a fair bit to go.  Only done the nose and most of the engines.



The spinners look good in black I have to say...


Cheers Anthony

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Thanks guys!

I used some Tamiya panel line accent colour cleaned up with a high quality Low Odour enamel thinners that I use with my oil washes

More setting solutions needed in a few places and some doors on


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