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New WnW @ Nationals (Chattanooga)

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The long rumored Breguet XIV in French, US and Polish colors. And an Antoinette to start a Pre-WWI series based upon the Magnificent Men and their Flying Machines (figures included). I guess we can dream, can't we?



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You guys are sure getting me excited. I've been buying a kit or so a month and only have a couple left before I have everything I want from what currently available. I want the newly re-released Hannover and a Harry Tate. What amazes me is just how many planes there were in WW1. I hope it's something really early and maybe a bit obscure. 

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2 hours ago, The Dude said:

One last guess before tomorrow... A zepplin staaken. 


1 hour ago, ringleheim said:

That would have something like a 52" wingspan!  


Who knows, they might do it.



The Staaken with the pointy nose and prop. That would be awesome!

but wingspan of 130 cm - is that even possible?!


...so many good guesses here they are all valid...except the silly ones and the WW2 dreamers ;) 

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1 minute ago, OldTroll said:

Based on the WNW Photos thread the HP O/400 (kit 32039) will be joined by its predecessor, the HP O/100 (kit 32051.)  Different engines and some internal differences.



The camo O 100 is really interesting looking as well, VS the normal two tone Brit schemes.   Im still hoping the announced kit (confirmed its not the O 100) 32068 will be some sort of smaller single engine fighter.

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