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1:32 Douglas A-26 Invader from Trumpeter/Hobbyboss?

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6 minutes ago, CATCplSlade said:

I'll get one. No one who visits my home will ever know what is off about it and I am not going to get bent out of shape by little things that in no way make the viewer mistake it for any other plane.


That was my attitude with the B-24. It looks like a B-24 to me. The wing profile being off didn't make it look like anything else IMO. Everyone too uptight about that can wait for someone to make a better version while I build mine.


I saw the B-24 at a show here last September, and it actually looked quite nice, at least to me.

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Without going into shape details or discrepancies because I'm not an expert on the A-26/B-26 but one thing immediately struck my eye. The engines are 7 cylinders per row aka R-2600 - I am pretty sure the Invader had R-2800s, 9 cylinders per row. 


I'll still get one, fix all the problems and maybe even buy replacement engines. Good, bad or otherwise it's probably the only Invader we'll ever see in 1/32.





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Wow. I am definitely not a rivet-counter, but getting the engines four cylinders short each?! I wouldn't allow that from a one-man short-run manufacturer. No amount of putty or sanding is going to correct those engines. Yet, I realise that I'll still probably buy this kit at some point, warts and all. I have two (probably soon to be three 1/72nd scale Invaders, in addition to the one I built up years ago), two 1/48th scale Monogram Invaders (both built up, one finished), so I suppose this one is inevitable. Hopefully by the time I buy it, there will be some AM parts to fix the bigger 'warts'. And I'll have the quid to buy the lot.





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Appears the cockpit is set up for two controls, also. I think we're missing a sprue, as there are no seats, either. The armor plate for the rear gunner's pedestal is present in these photos, on the stabilizer/wheel well insert sprue. 


This is a bit of a let down from this sprue look :-/ I'm probably still going to buy one though. Because you're all correct. This is likely the only 1/32 A/B-26 we'll ever see.


- Dennis S.

  Thornton, CO USA

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