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Do you wear progressive lens eyeglasses?

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I had a set of them.  Hated them.  Barely wore them for a few years and decided to get Tri-focals with the lines.

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On 8/15/2019 at 9:48 PM, Anthony in NZ said:

But remember that Progressives are a 'Jack of all trades' and even I have a set at my model desk for close work only.  One trick an old lens guy told me once was he sticks a pair of ready readers over the front of his progs near the end of his nose. His good lenses correct astigmatism etc, but because the progs have a smaller near part at the bottom, the RR boosts his workspace up


This is exactly why I posted.


I recently had cataract surgery and opted for perfect distance vision and when I got new glasses the optometrist went through the "normal" routine asking me what my "comfortable reading distance" was and wrote the prescription to that spec: +2 diopter. For the average customer, I guess this is right but I was back to the same old routine of constantly swapping various strengths of reading glasses for close up modeling work. So I went back and told the optometrist that I wanted my close up vision prescription changed to +3.25 diopter which is what my reading glasses were for model work.


Now I never have to swap glasses! I can see perfectly from VERY close to infinity and I don't move my head that much - I move my eyes. When I'm working on a model my head is about 30 degrees down but my eyes are about 45 degrees down looking through my ideal +3.25 and with the current trend in eyewear being large lenses the very bottom of the lens is bigger than with small lenses.


I can honestly say these are the best eyeglasses I've EVER had and I did it by insisting my close up diopter strength matched the strongest ready reader glasses I use when model building instead of the "normal" reading distance.

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On 8/14/2019 at 6:13 PM, ringleheim said:

I need a pair of progressive lenses glasses or else I will need 2 pairs of glasses.

I am kind of creeped out by the idea of the progressive lenses and having to look through small portions of the lens for different tasks.


The current trend in eyewear is for large lenses therefore the close-up area at the bottom is not very small. Opt for large lenses like the cool kids. LOL

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