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Junkers D1 Speed Build FINISHED!!

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  • 4 weeks later...

The speed build has not been that speedy of late due to some personal issues but I am pushing through!

I had a decal disaster with the large wing crosses but Eric G came through with some custom masks which worked out great!! Thanks Eric!!

I then gave the model a wash with Mig neutral wash then applied the camouflage overspray using Wingnuts recommended mix of 50/50 flat varnish and XF 65.

I will let the pictures do the talking from here!












Thanks for looking in as always!!


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So the build is complete!

I added some lux with Gaspatch guns, Proper Plane wooden prop and a Rexx exhaust. I highly recommend these items!!

I knocked up a quick base and added one of the excellent Wings Cockpit Figures.

I will add better pictures in RFI when I get around to it but for now here are some quick phone camera pics.












Thanks for taking the time to look in and for the supportive comments!!

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