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1/32 P-40F Pumphrey Pin up

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Having finished almost finished my revell P-51D, I decided to go for the Trumpeter Warhawk.


Of course, the kit does have issues. After looking at the kit, 2 things strike me. One, the nose IS misshapen, already addressed is the side profile, with that huge bulge going front, but one thing no one seem to notice is that on top profile, the nose actually is wide.  Second is the intake. Just. Ugh.


Being a short tail, I needed to convert it to a long tail. So I got me a Grey Matter 1/32 Long Tail conversion, normally for the Hasegawa kit. I also got me the sprue for the exhaust panels from a 1/32 Hasegawa P-40E


So I started by hacking off the exhaust panels, and grafted the hasegawa ones.


Sanded the hell out of the nose. Literally paper thin. I placed in putty in the insides to strengthen up before I keep going. But I need your opinion guys. Here’s where I am now.






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After grafting the new tail, and rescribing the panel lines, I need to add to the length of the horizontal tail planes, as the trumpeter ones are shorter, since the resin tail was designed for the Hasegawa kit. So using plastic sheets I added the necessary length:



checked if it matches the edges of the empennage:



Filled in with epoxy putty, sanding, and viola!



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