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This will be a slow build. I want to try to make a rubber mould and cast resin.


The kit that I'll be using is this one, a cartoon, cute version of the Porsche 962  :




The brand is Mitsuwa (long time out of production, company doesn't exist anymore), the kit is one from the Mid Racer Collection series.


It's a "no-scale" kit, the finished model is +/- 9 cm long (which puts it in the 1/43 scale category I think).


Basically it's a toy that has a "pull-back" spring-loaded motor so you can make it run. In it's hayday Mitsuwa even produced a track to run these kits on.


Sadly these kits have become hard to find and are quite expensive for a toy. I bought mine years ago for 8 euros, now they go for 40-60 euros.


I have another kit from the same series. It's boxed as a Porsche 956, but it's the same kit as the 962.


In the box you'll find very few parts, the kit kan be snapped and screwed together :




Now what I want to TRY is : add some details to the body - like opening up the NACA ducts, fill the inside of the body with clay, make a 2-part rubber mould and cast resin copies of the body, have a go


at vacuforming the windows, and build some cute 956's and 962's.


Why ? because I'm very fond of these cute Porsches and I want to build a bunch of them.


Inside of the body :




Topside :






First thing I did was remove some unwanted plastic and open up the naca ducts and openings for the radiators :






Had to take a few photos with the body on the tires. Oh yeah, real CUTE :






I think that I need to remove the large wing at the back before I make the mould ?


The rubber and resin products have arrived today, I'll post some photos later.


Was thinking of making a box with Lego's.


Please feel free to comment. I've never used rubber nor resin for casting before, I need all the help I can get.





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I can't help you with any advice on casting resin or making moulds but I'm still interested in following along because of the subject matter.


I've got a couple of the Mitsuoka kits in the stash too but didn't know about the track. These ones are still unbuilt.




I've also got an F40 with a full interior and engine plus a Knight Rider KITT somewhere. 


If you like this sort of cute car, check out Neko Works. They make these cute style cars in resin. They're solid so no interior details at all. The bodies are very well detailed though. 





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@ BloodwestSiR : That's a nice collection of Mitsuwa kits. I've looked at the Nekko Works models, but those are solid castings and I want to add full interiors to my Porsches.


@ Vandy 1 VX 4 : Thx for the links !


@ scvrobeson : You bet ! There's TONS of very nice markings. Pattos place has decals for all of them.


If I'm succesful in producing resing copies of my master. The idea is to modify them into :


Longtail :



for reference purpose only


Even more cartoon style :



From : wickedartz.com , for reference purpose only


Or more detailed short tail :



for reference purpose only


If I'm not succesful in making resing copies myself. I'll send the master to Christian : https://www.mezzo-mix-models.de/






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Been busy this weekend making the mould.


First part of the mould :




Second part :




And the first test shot :




I'm quite pleased with the result. There's very few air bubbles and most of the details are present on the test shot.


Before I cast a second shot, I'll do some clean up on the mould cause there's a couple of spots were the rubber has formed 2 layers in stead of one.


The mould could have been a bit wider, I'll take that into account for a next mould.


I took out the first test shot (after 24 hrs) before the resin had fully cured. According to the instructions the resin is fully cured in 7 days (!)

Should be able to cast the second shot on thursday or friday, will take photos of all angles when the resin has fully cured.




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34 minutes ago, ringleheim said:

I love it!  I had to go to youtube and watch Derek Bell blasting down the Mulsanne straight, pre-chicanes!  


Sets the tone for the build!





Man, starting around .43 mark that is one HELL of a straight away!   Mesmerizing at a sustained 225mph!!! Thats got to be a thrill 

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