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Hasegawa Bf 109F-4/trop 8./JG27 - Red 2

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It's done - I've completed my first LSP in (maybe) six years!

Spending quite a lot of time with my Bf 110 for the group build, this fairly easy build here took me about for month.
Some AM stuff was used:

  •  Aires cockpit - pretty nice and not too hard to fit
  • CMK wheels - cheap but not much better than the kit offering
  • Master MG17 barrels and pitot - must have for me!
  • Barracuda exhausts (for a G-6) - easier than hollowing the kit exhausts

Overall I enjoyed the build a lot, even with some minor problems with clean up on the wings the wing root is still bugging me).

Something I will do from now on: using my Silhouette for cutting my own masks!

Something I won't do again: using Mr.Mark softer (never again) and Hasegawa decals (way too thick)


Enough words for now. Enjoy the show:





















Feel free to take a peak into the WiP

Critics and advice what's there to improve are highly welcome!



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Thanks a lot guys. I'm happy that you appreciate my work!


I've been standing in front of my stash a lot the last days - what will my next build be?
Do I finish my Bf 110E-3 for the grup bild first?

Lots of questions...

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