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HK B-17G 5 1/2 yrs on the Shelf of Doom

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After 5 months of building my Flak-Kat jumped on my bench (first time EVER) and knocked the kit onto the hardwood floor. OUCH!

Lot's of scratch built parts were dislodged and scattered across the floor. I managed to do some repairing and leaving

out some details that would never be seen, my camera quit working. Discouraged and discussed she went on the SoD.

5 1/2 years later, having built multiple kits and several builds for the Barksdale Global Power Museum "Wings over Barksdale"

display, I found the old thread to this build and started reading. It brought back old memories and started the juices flowing

to pull her out and start working on her. Unfortunately I shut down my P-bucket account and lost all of the earlier pictures.

I also managed to lose the early pics when my old computer crashed.  My plan is to continue where I left off and will post more

when the camera battery recharges.

She will be In-Flight with bombs coming out of the bomb-bay and #3 engine feathered,

Kit decals for "Milk Wagon"....who uses kit decals? lol

Full crew made from modified Master Details Cold Weather WWII pilots (All are done except the ball turret gunner needs paint  tail gunner)

Only aftermarket are Brass machine gun barrels


Trying to figure out how to post pics easier than my experiment this afternoon

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1 hour ago, chrish said:
1 hour ago, spacewolf said:




1 hour ago, spacewolf said:



1 hour ago, chrish said:

Great work so far!

1 hour ago, spacewolf said:

Great to see you back up on the horse ! The egg plane brought a huge laugh !

 Thanks guy's.....I thought the egg plane was a nice touch..same Squadron anyway.

what happened to the delete option?  I'm stuck with a silly looking post ….cause I am silly.




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I see why you hid this build from us for ages...:evil_laugh:

It's because it's an INCREDIBLE,PHENOMENAL detailed build which  you figured we'd be jealous of. 


You WERE RIGHT !:coolio:  I am :whistle:

I wish I could model with such PRISTINE and exacting detailing.

The figures,the radio room etc is simply OUTSTANDING  piece of workmanship.



So happy you figured out the photo lark.


STUNNINGLY BEAUTIFUL  model... thank you.   :yahoo:












MARU  5137.

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