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My Raffle Prize: Final Update 21/Aug/19

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Thank you for all of the motivating replies.  I need em'!  lol


I've devoted a lot of time to surface work.  Most of it because I didn't devote enough time to surface preparation.  I've spent an obscene amount of time, sanding, polishing, respraying, touching up...   BTW...  lacquer paints don't lend themselves to touchup with a brush.  So...you gotta mask Everything.  Anyway...  here is where we are now:



A saucerful of secrets....  a Pink Floyd title I decided to borrow....



Wings need more clearcoats.



I had to relay the wing masks a second time.  Luckily the Oramask is pliable enough to allow a little pushing and pulling.



I got some paint lift on the underside of that giant supercharger intake.  At that point I decided to give it a little rest and work on some other models for a bit.


Thanks fer looking!

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Thanks for looking and commenting everyone!


After a few day break, I got back into what I hoped would be the final touch-ups and final clear coats.    I've used almost an entire bottle of MRP gloss clear.  And a lot of microfibre cloth. too. 


It's become very hard to handle.  It slides off the felt pads that I stuck to the jig.  And it doesn't grip the fingers, either.   I have to grasp the wings and fuselage as if it were a hammer.  Here's how she looks ATM:














I dare say I'm ready fopr detail painting and attaching the landing gear.


Thanks for looking!



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Hi again,

     I'm glad to say that we are standing on all three!



At first once the wheels were down, the starboard side wingtip was 15mm higher than the portside.  Fortunately I discovered this while the glue was still soft.


The main problem was that one gear was too far forward.    Attached the pilot's step, too.



I added a pitot tube made of .7mm brass tube with a .5mm brass rod inserted.  I used copper wire to effect the landing gear indicators on each wing. 



I'll have to add a 'brunt-effect' to the exhaust stubs.  Was glad to finally lift the masks from the windscreen.


Thanks for looking!  We're real close, now!





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