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More news for June 2019


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We're expecting this new series of detail sets to arrive within the next two weeks, and we're excited to see these. Click on any of the Metallic Details items below to see why:

Also Coming Soon:

  • Yahu
    • 1/48 M.346 Master Instrument Panel
    • 1/32 B-17G Flying Fortress Instrument Panel
  • Green Strawberry
    • 1/537 USS Enterprise (refit) Hangar Bay
    • 1/1000 USS Excelsior Detail Set
    • 1/72 Star Wars Hangar Equipment and Figures
  • Begemot
    • 1/48 Yak-130 Decals
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On 11/13/2022 at 7:11 PM, ScoobyDoo said:

Don’t buy from him, reports all over model websites where he doesn’t ship product but takes payment. I’m one of them.

This is HobbyZone USA, not to be confused with HobbyWorld USA. Two different entities.

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