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Wingnut's Floating Gotha


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Wingnut's new Gotha UWD landed at my house today along with its (uglier...) land-based counterpart. For some reason this plane has always fascinated me, so everything else has been pushed aside to start this one. It's bloody gorgeous to see the plastic in person.  Roughly the same length as the Gotha G.IV, with wingspan 2-3 inches shorter.  The floats are massive, they are about as long as the span of the lower wing of an Albatros D.V!


Day one: Cleanup of sprue stubs and mold separation seams, the floats and rear fuselage have been glued together and the three-piece lower wing has been joined. I'm hoping to make quick progress on this and bring the (completed?) build to the Nats somehow. Transport will be very difficult, but if I can figure out how to get it there, it'll be there.





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Guest DeanKB

One weird looking aircraft, I hope WNW will produce more of these ugly, beautiful kits. I'm waiting on Hannants for mine.

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Not as much progress to show as I wanted to today on the Gotha UWD, as I spent a lot of the day prepping parts to paint in big batches. I did prime the floats and rear fuselage with Mr Surfacer White, then noticed an a fix needed on the rear fuselage to be completed tomorrow:


NOTE ON A UWD FIX- it is not mentioned in the instructions, but you need to remove and fill in the stitching detail on the rear section of the fuselage underside where you will be painting the wood panels. Don’t remove this rear part of stitching if you are building the Gotha G.I.


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Finally, time to do some real work on this thing :coolio:


Gotha UWD cockpit was started today.  I will do clear coats, washes, and detail painting next.


Wood grain is simply black preshade on the bare plastic, with Tamiya xf60 dark yellow over it. This is followed by brushing AK Rust Streaks enamel wash to create wood grain using a few different brushes.


Seat is black preshade, Tamiya xf10 brown, and a dry brushing of Vajello light orange (so far). Hell im almost tempted to leave this as is!



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