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1/72 Broplan ATR 72 500 to ATR 42 300 vac. kit

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I bought this kit 2 years ago and have been picking away at it now and then. It's really picked up momentum in the last week going from probably never getting finished to, possibly finished in this lifetime to, possibly finished this year. I will add details (I've got a lot of walk around type pictures here) of the gear bays and (I hope) cast my own engines.

I've got about 20 pictures but this is basically where the project sits now.




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Thanks a lot!

Yes it's a big airframe in 1/72 but I wanted it in that scale to do my employers colors and put it up with the Beechcraft 1900's and 200's.

A learning experience at the same time as well, mistakes have been made...

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Puttering away (imagineering) on the landing gear sponson. It just looked...bad. I cut open the wheel relief area and added some textured plastic sheet to make it look like some kind of structural surfacing in the bay, nowhere near accurate but once the landing gear shocks and struts are in there it should be hard to see up inside anyway. The aircraft has landing gear very similar to F 18 legs, so big beefy stuff will need to be built to represent that assembly. At this time I've got the landing light parts added, the a/c ducting in and some detail work is starting.





Thanks for looking.

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Your imagineering turned out to be an EXCEPTIONAL bit of engineering and I think you did a SPLENDID  job on it..


Keep up the good work.will be back to see more.   :clap2:


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Thank you kindly!

I've spent a bit of time tonight cleaning up some flash on the included injection molded parts then just kind of gave up and started doing my own thing. I'm working from my own walk around pictures (A benefit of walking past these aircraft every day) In doing so I find myself having to fix many issues as I go (A disadvantage of walking past these aircraft every day)

Case in point here, the flap actuators, the Broplan ones and my own attempt at scratch building them.

There's a bit of flash on a couple of parts....yaaaaa.....riiight. anyway here's the Broplan parts tree


Building my own flap actuators 



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Well I wish I was walking past them everyday.

Better than a museum! :coolio:

How Cool is THAT as well frustrating when you notice things.


But you are doing an AWESOME  job..NEAT.


Carry on please. Thank you muchly.:clap2:

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Thanks for the support!

I spent some time at the bench making molds and doing some test casts of the masters for the flap actuators, wheels, engines, props. etc... Some parts worked perfect others, as suspected will need a tweak or two...or five. 

So I may finally be ready to start putting the flap actuators on, the gear legs. As well, 2 (of 4) wheels are done and both props are ready, seen here with the master, (not being used on the model) borrowed from Revell's 1/72 CL-415 and a perfect fit to the ATR. The windows are filled with Micro Crystal clear in anticipation of priming the model for gloss white paint...a step I never thought I'd be doing!


Thanks for looking

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