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RAAF special occasion Mirage buggy FINISHED.

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Thanks guys.


A small update.


I decided I wanted to do something special for the number plate on the trailer. My good mate Dave Coupe has been doing custom ALPS printed decals for most of my special projects for a long time now and his assistance has been so valuable, not just with the decals themselves but with research and pictures that I have found useful for those projects. I couldn’t find any examples of actual trailer number plate numbers, so I asked him ‘what do you reckon about 326873’ which is D.COUPE spelt using a telephone handset. He thought the rivet counters would get stuck into it as the plates all started with a 2 so we compromised and went with 268733, which is COUPE.D. A fitting way to say thanks Dave!



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Onto the finish of this project. 


It was recommended to me that a good addition to the basket on the rear of the trailer would be a set of chocks. My good mate Dave happened to have one of them and he willingly photographed and measured it up for me so that I could scratch build it.


I carved one out of a chunk of resin, and made a copy of the master. I figured I might do a couple of extra copies for the RAAF models  that I already have in the cabinet.




Suitably weathered




’thrown’ into the back of the tractor.




I used strips of Tamiya tape that I primed and painted to depict the ratchet straps. A lot of time went into working out where each one went, given the limited reference photos available.




I spent the morning patiently waiting for the postie to arrive, after Dave let me know that the decals were in the overnight post. Given the approaching weekend, and the fact that the Canberra show is only a week away with a busy week of my day job ahead of me, my heart sunk when the postie cruised on past my house without stopping, only to be filled with happiness when he miraculously did a U turn and come back, small envelope in hand.this was the moment I had been waiting for!


The decals took a bit of tweaking size wise, but other than that, they came out great.






Now the project was finished. I will take studio photos soon but in the meantime, here are some workbench pics. Many thanks to those that assisted with this project.










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