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Supermarine Spitfire TR Mk.IX ("Grace" type)

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Calling this done - although looking at the photots I need to dust her again!


What is it about model photography and dust?


Anyhow - build thread here.


Based upon measurements of a TR. Mk IX fuselage in a jig, along with original Supermarine drawings, she's taken a lot longer than planned - but hopefully my client will like her.




Markings are based upon a wartime 'Eagle Squadron' scheme as a tribute to a brave young American pilot with 133 Squadron, RAF, who lost his life days before the Squadron transferred to the USAAF:  Gene P Neville











Back in a mo with some more (and just noticed a panel line I need to sort).



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6 minutes ago, mozart said:

Having followed your build I know the trials and tribulations that you’ve had, but the end result is just immaculate. Many congratulations Iain, big sigh of relief no doubt!! :) 


Cheers Max - much appreciated!


The test, of course, is whether my client is happy with it!!  :frantic:



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