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Jennings Heilig

Spotted at KBFI this afternoon...

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Had a terrific non-rev ride on Southwest from PHX to SEA this morning.  I love Southwest!  They even treat non-rev’s as if they’re actual human beings. Great people.  Arrived at SEA right on time around 1100, rented a car (well, a gigantic freaking pickup) and headed up to the Museum of Flight where my friend Dan Hagedorn is a curator emeritus.  He happened to be working today, and kindly got me in the door and gave me the Cook’s tour.  Last time I was at the museum I’m pretty sure Bill Clinton was still president!  Lots of things have changed, and for the better!  Spent a little more time wandering around.  Their new semi-enclosed exhibit for the large aircraft is great.  Someday they’ll put walls on it and enclose it properly, but meantime it’s keeping some very valuable artifacts out of the worst of the Seattle weather.  Amazing to be in the presence of the prototypes of the 727, 737, and 747 in one room, plus lots of other very cool stuff.  


The Boeing military flight test/acceptance ramp is just south of the museum, so the bed of the giant pickup afforded me the loft I needed to snag a photo of a KC-46A being prepped for delivery (which these days means going back over it to remove leftover lunch wrappers and various tools that have been sealed inside the structure, but I digress...).  KBFI is chockablock with grounded 737 MAXs.  A sad sight to see.  


Anyway, got this relatively decent shot of one of the KC-46s.  I predict nobody is ever going to call this thing a “Pegasus” any more than anyone ever calls an A-10 a “Thunderbolt II”.  Just doesn’t fit.  



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