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F-4G Wild Weasel Tamiya Kit & GT Resin Conversion

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Posted (edited)

I finished this a couple of months ago and finally got motivated to find a new photo hosting service.


F-4G Wild Weasel - Details


Base kit is Tamiya F-4EJ with extensive scratch building to convert to an F-4G Wild Weasel.  This model served as the basis for the GT Resin F-4G Wild Weasel Super Set available at Sprue Brothers.    The model took many hundreds of hours to complete over a six year period.  


The markings represent an aircraft that took part in Operation Desert shied, Operation Desert Storm, and Operation Southern Watch.  These aircraft were maintained I pristine condition, even in an extreme desert environment.  The biggest component was the fading of the paint.  The aircraft represent the condition it was in as it returned to Nellis Air Force Base at the end of  OSW.  Displayed are the 8 confirmed SAM Radar kills and the Wild Weasel mascot on the left splitter plate.  Stencil markings were very basic.   I chose to build the model with the Slats and flaps extended to develop those products for possible future release and as something different to display.


Scratch Built parts of Build:

·     GT Resin Entire Cockpit including Accurate WSO radar officer panel and controls and accurate pilot office changes of the Geasels.

·     GT R esin Mk 7 USAF Seats w/Eduard seat belts

·     Air Scale Instrument and Placard decals

·     Air Scale PE instrument faces

·     PE Detailed canopy frames with Air Scale decals

·     GT Resin Chin pod with Scratch PE WW antennas

·     GT Resin Slatted outer wings

·     GT Resin Extended inner wing slats

·     GT Resin Dropped flaps with fuselage details

·     GT Resin Belly strap

·     Eduard Brassin Wheels and tires

·     Additional Landing gear details

·     GT Resin TACAN, UHF, antennas on fuselage top.   UHF is at an angle per the actual airframe, it is not crooked.

·     GT Resin Wild Weasel fin cap

·     GT Resin Wild Weasel Small antennas on each side of nose and fin

·     Brass tubing for Rear drain and Parachute door “T” handle

·     GT Resin LAU-118 Launch rails

·     GT Resin AGM-88 HARM B Missiles

·     GT Resin AIM-7M Sparrow Missiles

·     GT Resin ALQ-184 ECM pod with Sparrow well mount

·     Master Model Pitots and AOA probe

·     Eduard F-4E exterior PE set

·     GT Resin seamless intakes and fan faces

·     GT Resin Exhausts

·     GT Resin Correct fuel tank vents over engine nozzles

·     GT Resin F-15 Style Center Line Drop tank with Anti-sway bracing

·     All stores have threaded metal anti-sway braces installed

·     Speed Hunter decals 

·     Mr. Color Finishes

·     Model Master Finishes

·     Tamiya detail chalks

·     Various oils













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Hello Gary..


A SUPER  looking  F-4G Wild  Weasel.

I love all the detailing and your finish is  EXQUISITE..

:wow::clap2:  :thumbsup:



Thank you for sharing it and all those years are worth it.

STUNNING result.










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Wonderful. Amazing job, really. This is a model you can look at for a long time and then just keep coming back to explore some more.

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Posted (edited)

Thanks everyone for the kind comments, and for not busting my chops over the braided Ejection hoop being out of place and not inserted into the red socket on the right side of the pilots seat.  IT has since been fixed.  Now I just need to get a good camera!

Edited by ghatherly

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Seats and belts are excellent. My favorite parts of your builds are how smooth the paint goes down. I think your camo and overall scheme really look sharp!

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