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1/32 Italeri Mirage IIIE and variants.

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Good evening everyone,


I have joined recently, and browsed through so many inspirational builds.

An Italeri Mirage IIIE/R is on the bench, and I'm in the process of doing some research, detailing and corrections for a SAAF Mirage IIIEZ.



The Martin-Baker Mk.BRM4 ejection seat was actually done almost two years ago, and the kit seat was used as a basis for this.
















The two boxes on either side of the bulkhead were removed.




The instrument panel is too round at the top, as well as the radar screen should be flat, and not have the little dome on the surface.




The instrument cowl has also been stripped of detail, to replace with the correct goodies.



The exhaust nozzle was quite tricky. It was stripped of the inside details, and a soldering iron was used to melt the rectangular recesses on the outside of the petals. Styrene rods and plastic card was used to replace the inside detail.






Another issue, is the vertical panel line in front of the intakes, which needs to be filled and rescribed. The intakes also seem to be a little bit too long, but i'll investigate this thoroughly before I start chopping away.





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Hi guys, and thanks for the warm welcome :)

It's been a rough week at work, and not much time to work on the IIIEZ. I did however research the intake length a bit, and it's probably around 0.7mm too long, and should be a very easy fix.


On 6/15/2019 at 2:06 AM, Dandiego said:

Really nice seat! What did you use for the straps?



Dan, it's a combination of the kit photo-etch, once-off photo-etched buckles and a segmented self adhesive lead tape, which I cannot recall who or where I got it from. But it's been laying in my toolbox for more than a decade, as you can see by it's condition...lol. I made a mold of the seat, because I'm not going to build one again, and in case I need more.





I have two of these Mirage IIIE kits, and I'm rather tempted to use the one as a "guinea pig" to consider other Mirage III variants. There's other things in this kit that also don't add up, like the camera lenses for the Mirage IIIRZ, are not correct, and now corrected, it can be used for the IIIR2Z as well, although the R2Z has a different ejection seat, RWR and intakes like the Mirage 50's.





The tail fin has some issues too... the brake chute and rudder actuator are no good, but an easy fix. Then there's the rudder, which I'll have to investigate further.





Cheers, John


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Maybe the photo you need for the intake. It shows a Mirage IIIS (Swiss), derived from the IIIE. The front landing gear is specific but the rest should be the same.

I took it exactly at the right angle.






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19 hours ago, Madmax said:

I recognise that seat! :hi:

Thanks MadMax ;)


Warbird, thanks for the picture, it's perfect to demonstrate my concern, and almost a millimetre will have to be trimmed off. The corner of the intake trunk should be in the middle of the radius of the lower rear corner of the canopy frame :)


9 hours ago, Kagemusha said:

Fantastic work so far. Eric made the kit with some excellent improvements, hope it helps. 

Thanks, I looked through Eric's build, very good reference to guide me :)

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Hi guys,


The instrument cowl is done, and interesting to have the original part next to it for comparison.

Hope it looks okay to you, because I'm rather new to 1/32 scale, and not so sure whether it's enough detail or did I just stop adding before I go crazy...lol










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Looks great!   That is the cool thing about 32nd, you can add as much detail as you want, and in the end Im sure it will look awesome. 

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