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P-400 "Airacutie" 1/32 Special Hobby/Revell

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I've finally finished this one....

As in title - this is P-400 Airacobra "Airacutie" by Special Hobby , reboxed by Revell.

Model isn't good, I'm sure that Kittyhawk one is much better but it was on sale so I bought it :) Basically it's OOB but there are seatbelts from Eduard and guns from brass pipes. Lady on wing is from Masterbox Pinup set.

Whole model is painted with Mr.Hobby range and weathered with MIG,Tamiya and AMMO products.

It has very shallow panel lines so wash didn't go well.

I found a topic about Airacutie on this forum so I know that this particular P-400 had it's gear covers dismounted. After finishing I found that left cockpit door on real P-400 was permanently blocked. Another mistake is supposedly wrong cockpit color but I have no chance to correct it now.

Anyway , hope you'll like it :)















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22 minutes ago, Reuben L. Hernandez said:

Great looking P-39, gearing up to start mine soon.


I noticed that the main landing gear covers are missing or am I just seeing things? Either way still a great build!

Indeed,. Real Airacutie had Gear covers dismounted. 

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Lovely job of a tricky kit to build regarding fit in certain places, especially around the wing roots/radiator intakes. Great weathering!


I wouldn’t worry too much about the interior colour either as I’ve seen plenty of variety in this area from Bell’s dark bronze green through to brighter hues, something much closer to what I see here, especially in the P-400 and P-39D series.





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