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Merkava Mk.4M

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I just finished the Meng 1/35 Merkava Mk.4M, one of those kits that I just had to build. One of the things that challenged me with modelling the Merkava has been the ball and chain curtain under the turret and bustle. Not a challenge with this kit, since Meng did a great job reproducing it. Another has been the prominent anti-slip texture. While Meng reproduced this as well, it is too subtle, so I had to add my own. There are several ways of doing this--stippled Mr Surfacer, hamster sand over glue, baking soda over glue, etc, but I found a great way:




1. I spray Tamiya AS-12 as a primer, something for the anti-slip adhesive to grab;

2. I paint Vallejo Surface Primer as the adhesive to a section at a time;

3. I sprinkle aluminum oxide over the wet primer, then blow away the excess;

4. I seal with another coat of AS-12.


I am very pleased with the results--easy, fast, controllable, and strong. After this assembly was easy. I just used aftermarket pre-assembled metal tracks purchased from a Chinese vendor on E-Bay (they fit perfectly), and the Meng aftermarket cargo covers. Painted with Tamiya paints, weathered with AMMO washes, pastels, and oils. Hope you like it.


Cheers,  Tom











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Thanks for the kind comments! It was my first armor build in a long time, and my favorite parts were adding the anti-slip (much easier and more controllable than I expected) and the finish/weathering. I really recommend this kit.


Cheers,  Tom

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Kev and Brian,


Thanks! I appreciate it. One of the especially cool things about this kit is the working suspension with functional styrene springs. I’ve never seen this before but it works!


Cheers,  Tom

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