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#1 LSP on your Shelf of Doom - post pix and cheer on

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I figure I can’t be the only one here who has “...a few” builds on the shelf of doom. Some of these planes are favorites of mine that for some reason, I just can’t be bothered or motivated to finish. 


Right now now I count over 20 kits in various stages of completion, some could take little more than a week or two of work. My favorite that I hope will see the finish line is Fisher’s AD-5. Here’s how she looked at my last update to my work in progress thread here on the forum on 16 September last year . Nothing has changed since then. Except the black anti glare panel has started cracking over the fluoro paint. 


So who else out there has a favorite subject that just can’t get off the doom shelf? Let’s see some pics and maybe we can all help each other get motivated enough to finish some of these!



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Oh boy where do I start ..

I have two 109s as ugo drago's and jg 300 yellow 1 

A mil mi-4 in the middle of a complete rework from inside and outside .

A couple ki-84 one superdetailed and one blue tail arrow. 


And the F-5E if I can get a corrected IP .


Plus a mig 19 uti that will need to be reputtied and repainted .



I think thats the main ones for me :P

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2 hours ago, 1to1scale said:

Six P-40s

My word that's a ton of P40s...  if you ever decide they won't all get finished and they risk the trash bin, drop me a line and I'll take one or two off your hands to finish them.


I remember that 190 build Kev, happy to see you still have the build. Would love to see that build one day, it's certainly very unique in any scale let alone large scale.

Dan... What's left to do on the Pogo? It looks finished except for decals!


Oh the Walrus. Brian, I sold mine after looking carefully over the parts breakdown and your build. Totally understandable that you stalled on that one but I still hope you can finish it one day.


Come on K2, it's not every day we see a Kfir! The Mig21 looks nice too

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27 minutes ago, seiran01 said:

My word that's a ton of P40s...  if you ever decide they won't all get finished and they risk the trash bin, drop me a line and I'll take one or two off your hands to finish them.


Oh no, that’s only some! Not in the picture is a Hasegawa/Grey Matter P-40L in the same state, a lightly started Trump P-40F (8 in progress), a completed P-40B, and I have three more in the stash, and I sold off 6 more! I think I had 16 or 17 at one time!

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Hmmm, I have a few on that shelf......I REALLY must get some modelling time set aside.  The Auster has been 'all consuming' the past month or so.


Great topic Mike! 


Oh and thanks for the reminder, I am now well reminded that I am a serial starter after looking at my SOD, LOL

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7 hours ago, Gazzas said:

I have no SOD.  A Trumpy 109 became spare parts.   That's it.   If I lose motivation and it won't do for parts, I chuck it.

Jeez Gaz thats a bit extreme lol


Cheers Bevan 

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i have two to be ashamed of, neither of which I can look in the eye..


1/18 Fairey Firefly..


chances of completion - 5%




1.24 F7F Tigercat..


chances of completion - 30%




plus an HPH DH Hornet that got as far as some of a cockpit and one merlin engine, and a AIMS / Revell Ju188 that just got a bit butchered and a few cockpit bits.. - both will never see the light of day again


shame on me...:angry2:







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I have 4


My fist ever 1/32 buil a hasegawa f-16. The verlinden kit for the gun ammo box teally kille the mojo. I did manage to fit it in but the build stopped once i realized the canopy dosent close over the verlinden cockpit. 


My other is a hasegawa p-51 that i was building mostly as a first attempt to rescribe an entire model. I pause at the painting stage because i lost a mlg door. I did find it back 8 months later but never got around to finish painting.


I have a classic airframe 1/48 a-4 two seater painted as a blue angles. This one got packed when i moved. When i wanted to start her up again i ran into an issue. There is a ton of dust stuck on the clear coat. But i cant remember what clear coat i applied, humbrol, future. So i dont dare to clean it with alcohol since the decals are on and there is no replacing them if i screw them up.


The last is the revell car carrier trailer. I got it when they reissued the box since ive been wanting this for ever. But man is this got a dog...... 


Thats it

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