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Has anyone tried grafting the canopy and spine of the Trumpeter Razorback on a Hasegawa bubbletop P-47?  Just wondering if this might be a less frustrating process than building the Trumpeter kit (I've done a couple and can't really say that they are a pleasant kit to build; the Hasegawa is a much less troublesome kit overall).

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Why?  Because the Trumpeter P-47s are a nightmare to build IMO.  At least the fuselage, with all that internal gobeldygook that will never be seen but still mostly needs to be fitted in order to hold other things in place, and the pathetic lack of any positive means to fit the engine.  


Having built both Trumpeter and Hasegawa bubbletops (fitting a spare Hasegawa canopy on the Trumpter kit to take care of that mess), I like the overall look of the Hasegawa kit better.  

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14 hours ago, Kagemusha said:

I seem to remember someone either proposing to use the spine/canopy from the old Revell kit, or actually starting a build... I guess it's another option before the Tamiya release. :coolio:

I plan to go with this arrangement using the Vac. Squadron Canopy and resin cockpit. If it isn't a disaster, likely make more than one.

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 I planned to making the same exact conversion but using the much more affordable and easily found Revell spine.  Definitely possible, the only issue is the windscreen and canopy, which IIRC, I was planning on using the squadron vac copy.



14 hours ago, nmayhew said:

But why?

I understand the issues with the canopy on the Trumpy bubble top, but I thought the razorback was fine?


Ive done a lot of research into this very subject after I purchased a Trumpeter razorback. I sold it the VERY next week after I examined it closely. The cowl opening had a super strange "horse collar" shape to it, and the area behind the cowl and in front of the windscreen looked way wrong to me, so I sold it.   Personally, I hated it and the mish-mosh of gobbldy-gook inside didnt help that feeling, but exacerbated it. I even compared it to the Has kit which may or may not be accurate but to my eye looked much more accurate in shape, and the Trumpy cowl just looked way WAY wrong to me, so I immediately sold it.




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