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thierry laurent

Use of phosphorous bombs by allied pathfinders?

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I know this is somewhat a taboo topic but does any of you have any information regarding the use of such incendiary bombs by pathfinders such as Mosquitoes or P-38s in Europe? To me this looks like an obvious way to mark an objective for bombers. However, the information related to such infamous bombs is skinny to say the least and generally there are just mentions of their use by large bombers over cities such as Hamburg or Dresden. Actually,  I  was thinking about putting too small M47s under the wings of a P-38.


Thanks in advance.



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Hello Thierry..


found these helpful articles plus I also out in a link to a book which talks about the subject..

The extracts from the book can be made larger  to enable easier reading 

Good subject on your part by the way.


What weapons and equipment did Allies use that the Axis feared in WW2? - Quora (you may have to click on "read more" to get The  whole article).


What weapons and equipment did Allies use that the Axis feared in WW2? - Quora https://www.quora.com/What-weapons-and-equipment-did-Allies-use-that-the-Axis-feared-in-WW2



Various other previously used techniques and devices were instrumental as well, such as area bombing, Pathfinders, and H2S radar, which came together to work with particular effectiveness. An early form of chaff, code named 'Window', was successfully used for the first time by the RAF – clouds of tinfoil strips dropped by Pathfinders as well as the initial bomber stream – in order to completely cloud German radar. The raids inflicted severe damage to German armaments production in Hamburg.




See pages 223 onwards. Talks about your subject posted.

(I CANNOT get the link to be copied  ..sorry  but it's long as you can see).book can be bought I think on Amason..  LINK Below .


https://books.google.co.uk/books?id=HtEcBQAAQBAJ&lpg=PA225&ots=iqvHD7ZJ8c&dq=Use of phosphorous bombs by allied pathfinders?&pg=PA225#v=onepage&q=Use of phosphorous bombs by allied pathfinders?&f=true


And this ... shows the footage of the phosphorous bombs at  around 12 minute marker in the video.







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When you watch the YouTube videos click on the down arrow for mire full information.very informative in bit h videos. This one is no sound.


Watch "Airstrike with incendiary bombs during World War II, Germany 1945 (in color)" on YouTube



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