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Tamiya 1/32 F-4J Phantom II Showtime 100

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Hello all,


This post has been a long time coming. I started this building back in 2016 and have been working on it sporadically ever since. I started with the Tamiya F-4J kit and got a little carried away with the aftermarket. There are flaws in the build that I am not happy with but visually I think it turned out pretty well. Here is a list of included aftermarket.


Aires resin cockpit

Eduard exhaust nozzles, TERs, and AIM-7 Sparrows

Zactoman AIM-9 sidewinders

Rhino seamless intakes. 

Video Aviation Rockeye cluster bombs 


Hope you enjoy the pics.




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5 hours ago, themongoose said:

Sure looks great to me. Nice job on the overall grey, very smooth. Unique loadout too, haven’t seen that one before!

Thank you very much. For the load out I went as historically accurate as I could. I did my best to replicate the load out from Cunningham and Driscoll's May 10th 1972 mission where they shot down 3 Migs. After several sources I was able to devise that they were carrying 4 Sidewinders on the inboard pylons with four Rockeye cluster bombs on TERs below them. There was some discrepancy on whether they carried 2 or 4 Sparrows but the best sources I could find said 2 in the rear pockets. I have seen it written that they had empty outboard bomb pylons on but the only ones I could find were attached to drop tanks and the only drop tank they carried was the center line. The outboard pylons look detachable in reference photos so I took some artistic license and left them off all together. 


Thanks for all the great comments guys!

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15 minutes ago, Mark P said:

Out of curiosity, any resin aftermarket pylons available? A number of Phantoms photographed with the outboard pylons fitted, but nothing attached.


Mark Proulx

I could not find any when I looked. 

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