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Crew figure recommendations for Academy AH-1Z


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1 hour ago, panzerrob said:



The figures really do look nice! Especially the seated pilot.

I do find it a bit odd to have a mix of standing and sitting pilots in the same figure set though.

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1 hour ago, Dukie99 said:

Defmodel casting quality is top notch on my armor stuff. I just preordered the gun barrels and seated pilots from Luckymodel

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Waiting for my DEF Model set then I'll start building mine - inflight of course!


BTW, there's a build group on Facebook that covers all these issues, has all the aftermarket vendors and scratchbuilders there with several WIP and LOTS of reference photos....



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On 5/8/2019 at 3:47 AM, otis252 said:

I just wish someone would do a set a correct set of seats with something resembling seat cushions and belts. Thanks.



5 minutes of work using adhesive plaster +15 minutes for PE seat belts... no real need for aftermarket in this case. The def.Model figures come with separate PE belts btw.

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