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WNW Pfalz D.III Rigging Begins 19/May

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Looking fantastic, you'll be rewarded with a superb model  when finished.

Your hard work will pay off  :goodjob:




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Now to an area that nobody seems to be talking about:  The wing edges. (the following two images for discussion only)


In researching I found two types:  One on this Fokker D.VII where rib tapes are used:


For this to be an option, your upper and lower rib tapes need to meet up perfectly both front and back.


Then there is this Pfalz D.XII:


Here, wing material in a strip more broad than the rib tapes is used.  Since my rib tapes don't line up perfectly, and because I'm building a pfalz...  I chose this method.



I took this steep angle shot and discovered a step in my wraparound.  I think it's gonna be there for posterity.







The Lower wing.  Ugh...  macro shots show just how un-straight my rib tapes are.





This small area hasn't been done yet.  I took the picture to illustrate the fragility of the decals that don't wrap around the wing edge.



Dirtied up the wheels with a couple of washes.


Thanks for looking!



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HI Everyone,

        I started the rigging today.   My main goal was to get as much done as possible before putting the struts and upper wing on. 


I used Bob's Buckles, but they're very hard to see since my phone doesn't like to take close up photos.  For the wires I'm using 1.5Lb test.



I blackened the 'wires' with a Sharpie before attaching them to the model.



I use a lot of light, and a light colored background to improve my ability to see through the eyelets once the upper wing is on.



And I used a box to elevate the jig and inter-wing area to eye-level.



But back to work tomorrow...  so I probably won't get it all rigged before the end of the week.





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