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1/200 scale Titanic!

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My grandfather helped build the original.  I've had an interest since I was a kid.

I've got a couple of the Revell kits and about seven of the 1:350 Minicraft kits

under my belt.  I always wanted a bigger one but the 1:200 Mantua and 1:250

Amati wooden kits are very expensive and would likely take longer to build than

the time I have left in this world (I work at turtle speed).  I'll be getting one as

soon as they hit the U.S. market.

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It's been on preorder at Freetime for a while now.  I had hoped Trumpeter would release it in April on the 12th, but so far it's still not known when the date will be. 


There are a ton of good shots of the model on the Trumpeter facebook page.  Plastic looks good, however it does appear to the experts that Trumpeter missed some of the port hole detail on the ship.  Plating detail may be over done, and bow too slanted.  Not sure on the last issue as most of the cameras involved are giving pretty hard distortion. 




Hopefully this link gets you to their main facebook page, entry showing pictures is in January. 


It will be around 5 feet long as their Bismark is over 4.  Will be a great kit and I wonder how much after market will be made for it, hopefully a wood deck.  Trumpeter is showing quite a bit of photoetch already in the kit.  Already issues have arisen, as so far it seem Trumpeter mirrored the portholes on both sides, and that is not correct. 


Paul C 


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16 hours ago, dashotgun said:

Wow i have always been facinated by the Titanic

 However even though i live in a big house where the hell would you display it? Moving it into my garage to paint it would be a project in itself

It's quite long, no doubt, but ships in general have very display-able shapes, unlike airplanes! 


All you need is a long, but relatively shallow shelf and you are good to go.  


Flip it around from time to time in your display case so you see both sides of the ship.


I applaud Trumpeter for their interest in making huge kits.


Most model kits (of any subject matter) are generally too small IMO.



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