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Tamiya's 1/32 Mustang and Corsair, both B&W

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hello and thaks so much for your comments. I'm really glad that this may inspire and transmit a bit of will to try that theme !


paintwork is about a bit of discipline, which i hate, but which here is rewarding.


I used Infini brand sanders from 600 to all the way up to get rid of the plastic grain and polish the NMF areas. Then some Mr Color GX-2 with Mr Levelling Thinner for a slow and stretched curing. If needed or if any touch ups has been done, rebuff. Then a nice layer of KColor Aliminum 15 and you end up with a shiny shine thing. But also very white an neutral which i need for my B&W thing.


KColor are alcohol based so adding a few drop ofGunze H77 tyre black gave the shadowing and weathering shade. Srayed far, it's grayish, sprayed close it's a bit darker. I did some freehand shadings and some stencil-through srpraying to create all the artefacts.


An interesting pic i've been provided with shows some light lines above rivets lines with displaced shadows: this has been simply done my using thin strips of masking tape and a fine spray on top of it.


Then scratches and texture: i used some sanding pads from inifini brand: 2500 grit for general texturing, 1000 grit to scratch areas covered with the darkest shadows. You want to let the pad slide on the paint with no push and let it catch the weathering miw that is a bit flat.


A final mist of pure KColor Aluminium 15 helped ajudsting contrasts.


thanks again for that kick of motivation




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