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PCM Macchi 200 in 1/32


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Guest DeanKB

Bloody hell, some seriously good modelling skills on show here!!


PCM kit very much a limited run effort, but you have absolutely transformed yours.


Best Macchi build I can remember seeing.


More photo's, please. Italian camo schemes are great.


The weathering is spot on as well.


All around excellence.

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The landing gear:



From the kit, I kept only the fork and the bottom of the doors with some modifications, for the rest, thank you Mr Evergreen !




Main and tail wheels don't have the right dimensions although it is indicated on the tires.

For the markings on the sidewalls, thanks to my friend Georges Olivereau who made dry transfers I use on the masters.

The rims not having the characteristic details are also redone.




With a little paint and a cat hair ........

Have a nice day !

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The clear parts







Thanks to my friend Jean Bodson, famous french modeler, who made me these parts, using thien plexiglass softened in hot oil.

it's as thin as vacuform and clear and strong like parts in the best standard kits and can be glued with plastic cement.

Whe have corrected the front glass of the windshield because in the kit this part is too square at the top.

Frames added using thin card and layers of Mr Surfacer.



For the machines guns, Jacques Druel made me photoetched parts as 12,7 mm Safat have a ring of small holes at the front.

Hatches of the guns were reengraved as the majority of the hatches of the plane.

All the numerous louvres were carved.

For all these works I used the pictures from the real plane and drawings of the Aero Detail 15 which are the best for me.



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