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IMAM Ro43 1/32 scratch-built

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Masking to make fabric thicknesses. I used 7 mm tape spaced by 1 mm. I used the same narrow tape for  the four faces.

A template helps tu cut the tips form.

Black plastic card is a tester of thickness: I put a first layer of Surfacer 1500 diluted with AK extreme thinner on the wings and on the black card.

When it's dry, I pull the number 1 tape and check the thickness. If this is not enough, secon layer and so on.

So I don’t have to take the tape off the wings.




Three layers were required and a sanding with 2000 paper.




1 mm steel rods glued with Araldite. Still to cover the central part with plastic card.

Have a nice weekend !

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4 hours ago, baffozac said:

Hello Clark, for the 38 louvers on the front of the plane, the merit is due to a marking gauge I made with a balsa stripper.

Here the link, sorry, in french:




I just looked at how you did that - not only is it genius, but it is so well executed I don't actually believe what I am seeing :)


the result is PERFECT


quite incredible and a joy to watch :popcorn:



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Hi Peter, the same process for this:



The two handles (black arrows) on the trailing edge of the upper wing made with a master (red arrow) used to thermoform these parts (blue arrow).




The hinges and bracket of the rudder are glued.




After a couple of days (putty, sanding, primer) the join is smooth. Anti-skid strips added.

Hinges for the flap allowing the folding of the wing and lot of drains have to be moulded using Milliput footprints and melted plactic.

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