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IMAM Ro43 1/32 scratch-built

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Many thanks to you !!!! 


Wings' construction :




I used 1 mm strong metal rods to secure the wings. 1 mm is the inner diameter of the 2,4 mm Evergreen tube used as spars.

Four screws are sufficient to fix it to the cockpit floor.






The skin is made by vacuforming card using carved wood (balsa).






And the fillets: plastic card and Milliput.




Structure of the wings: ribs are 3D printed by my friend Bernard. To strengthen I added to the Evergreen tubes one stainless steel tube (1,5 mm)




The skin is made by only one  piece of 0,25 mm card wrapped around, glued step by step (1, 2,3,...)

Then the trailing edge is cut (4) and a plastic strip is added (5) to have a sharp and solid edge.


To follow





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I'm lucky, I got this light wave effect. In some points, I put to much plastic glue and I have to fill them.




The lighty  wave effect on the wings compared to the fuselage more pronounced.




The wing is light but rather solid to do that. The dihedral remains flat.

Don't forget, it's just a game !

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Beautiful work going on here.  Weren’t there some Ro43 fuselages recovered in Iraq a few years back?   I thought I read about one being restored by a group of specialist in Roma for the museum in Vigna di Valle RM, Italy?   What a museum this is by the way.  One of my favorites.   


Lovely efforts going on here.   Thanks for sharing this wonderful build with us.  



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The relics found at Bagram were Ro-37 and - yes! - one of those has been restored and it is currently displayed at Vigna di Valle.

The Gruppo Amici Velivoli Storici (GAVS), a private enthusiasts group, is currently restoring a Ro-41 basic trainer.

The floatplane Ro-43 is also displayed in its full glory at VdV.

I am nudging some resin model manufacturers to consider releasing a 1:32 model of one of those, not having Baffozac's scratchbuilding skills.

Historical subjects, simple design and forms to mould, originals available for measuring, plenty of data and gorgeous painting options. Keep trying!

Some photos of the restored Ro-37, Ro-43 and Ro-41 under restoration below.




31941832427_2e0ab8c16c_k.jpg206BC015-7C90-4098-B568-A00304E295CA by Stefano Salvati, su Flickr


46158315084_9563e46263_k.jpgBBFDE1B5-8DA6-45E9-8824-CF45DFE7DD62 by Stefano Salvati, su Flickr


46158317094_18b394b212_k.jpg8E9F56BC-37C3-4083-A5C5-2971E4CB73BE by Stefano Salvati, su Flickr


46158314284_05ca9f2540_k.jpg0364C6DD-6ED0-4A1E-BB47-24C469763F10 by Stefano Salvati, su Flickr


31941827257_c84d9047f3_k.jpg8CDFE9B5-B014-47D0-B25D-2D5711983E75 by Stefano Salvati, su Flickr


Ro-41 under restoration

46158312114_c58639177b_k.jpgC6E248C0-679E-49A0-A76E-D8CDE18CC441 by Stefano Salvati, su Flickr


46158311784_ec9adf429a_k.jpgA47F7C11-FE69-49B6-BF1D-1DAED9BC358D by Stefano Salvati, su Flickr


45968669095_d0d0ccfd26_k.jpgA2DB63AD-2B88-41F7-B13F-02ABF8D70519 by Stefano Salvati, su Flickr


45968669685_21f7c1411b_k.jpgC2C553EE-63CF-420B-8179-7960830C74B5 by Stefano Salvati, su Flickr


45968670505_2c963df209_k.jpgD9F10457-535D-4755-A2EE-6A538F01672E by Stefano Salvati, su Flickr


45968669445_9f10362c16_k.jpgD86FECDF-3340-448A-8A14-381D8017C18E by Stefano Salvati, su Flickr


39918418563_987db26efe_z.jpg09069427-2220-4167-BEDE-7F73C8A112A2 by Stefano Salvati, su Flickr


33007921638_5fc070fb95_z.jpgB1D50A5A-D2CB-4A92-A0D0-4018B319705E by Stefano Salvati, su Flickr


Happy Modelling ... and crossing fingers to having one of those in 1:32 scale one day!

Edited by Stefano
Photos added

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