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Euro Model Expo 2019 Germany

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Hi there!


I attended as an exhibitor the Euro Model Expo 2019 in Lingen/Germany. Didn't take my LSP models with me (except for an 1/35 X-Wing), but took photos of the LSPs around the exhibition halls.


Lets start with an aviation icon that made it into a large (and expensive) resin kit: HPHs C-47 :punk:














And the whole collection of LARGE HPH kits:




Got offered a good price per kit as LSP member, but this years Expo budget was not earmarked for more HPH kits.

I confess, I was very tempted. Very. But I still have both an unbuild L-39 and Smolik/Letov kit in the stash...



- dutik

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Copper State Models from Latvia was there with the range of products:










Didn't take photos of the quarterscale kits because they are not my focus. But here is CSMs own build-up Lanchester armored car:




Next post: More LSP models from all around the show.


Stay tuned

- dutik

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A short Junkers J.1 special.


Remember that WNWs J.1 was their very first kit. It had some flaws. The second kit too, but from the 3rd kit onwards WNWs kits are setting the stanhdard for large scale kits. Here I want to point out to some small corrections to add details that were missed by WNW. Of course you know of the aileron/rivet head issue. They also missed 3 filler caps - behind the engine at on top of the wing:




This particular aircraft had a spinner in reality. Another detail WNW missed.

Also check the style of the Balkenkreuz: This is the correct one for this particular painting option. WNW got this wrong in the instructions. The crosses of the other painting options are correct!


Please take note: The filler cap at the wing is a little bit off the centre line!




The modeller did his research well. So take care of the filler caps for all your J.1 builds and the markings and spinner of this particular aircraft.


- dutik

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15 minutes ago, Out2gtcha said:



I did!  Thanks 


This is not the end, beautiful friend
This is not the end, my only friend, not yet the end...


Can you picture what will be, so limitless and free
Desperately in need, of some, stranger's hand
In a desperate land?




- dutik


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